Great Opportunity for Your Patients

We all have opportunity to add a side of mindfulness to our diet!

Please invite your patients to join us for a support group: The Mind-Body Connection: Mindfulness as a tool to cope, heal, and grow, with psychologist Dr. Sheethal Reddy, on behalf of the Georgia ASBMS State Chapter Education Committee.

  1. Demystify the concept of mindfulness: who can benefit, how to do it, and what it does for us including the tangible benefits in your daily life.
  2. Identify 2-3 ways to increase mindful awareness in your life.
  3. Learn to do at least 1 mindful practice.
  • August 3, 5:45-7 pm ET
  • Zoom ID: 821 8695 2853

About Dr. Reddy:

Dr. Sheethal Reddy, Ph.D., is a highly trained and experienced psychologist who specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapies with a heavy emphasis on acceptance-based, mindfulness, and compassion-based teachings. During her pre-doctoral internship at Duke, she specialized in behavioral medicine with a focus on weight loss interventions and biofeedback for pain management. Her postgraduate fellowship included training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy in adolescents and Cognitive-Based Compassion Training through the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative. She worked with families in the Strong4Life Bariatric Program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for 10 years before transitioning to the Emory Bariatric Clinic in October 2022 where she is helping patients in need of weight management solutions for life through behavioral interventions.